Tuesday, January 7, 2014


such an odd day... -20 degrees this am (yes, that's 20 degrees BELOW zero)...and I didn't sleep well... although I am not sure why. But... I got up (after a fashion) and went straight to work this afternoon. I burned alot of paper/trash, took out some compost for the compost pile, spread birdseed all over in the yard as the bird-feeder had been broken during the night.  My thought was to provide some warmth and food for the wild critters. Then I got the mail... cleaned up a bit in the studio... did 3 loads of laundry... washed dishes.... made dinner (beef roast with sauteed apples and onions, fingerling potatoes, corn)...took photos of items to sell online... called a few people...sat down to eat supper... then I got a migraine... and >>>poof<<... I am down for the count.

Now... that said... I am very grateful:
-that I got as much done today as I did
-for hot packs
-for motrin ( I usually take Advil Migraine for my headaches... but I am out)
-for earl grey tea
-for quilts. I love them.
-for telephones (I even got to talk to my son and granddaughter way out in NM)
-for books (the stack above is in my current reading bundle)
-popcorn (pretty much the perfect snack)
-and I am equally grateful for things that didn't happen... like frozen pipes, non-working furnace or water heaters... leaking windows or doors...
-we have a wonderful little house and I am so grateful that it is well made.... and so comfortable.