Saturday, January 11, 2014

for the weekend

I feel like I've been horribly busy these past few weeks...
I have been working part-time since Christmas; and it is good to be earning some money... especially as I thoroughly enjoy who I am working with/for. That said... I feel like my "off" hours I have squandered away... with little to show for it. Today I wanted to change that.

And so... we all went out for a (wonderful) meal at a local diner (this place is awesome)...
and then we went for a ride in the woods. I have often been to these woods... hiking, wandering, taking photos... and it is lovely. It can have a bit of the "Blair Witch Project" look to it when the fog is just right... like today... but mostly, it is just stunning. Awe-inspiring. Drop-dead gorgeous.

With the recent melting of some of the snow and ice; travel on the roads was quite easy... and we stopped at several places to walk and to take photos. It rather reminded me of this article... which my daughter found for me the other day.

I've joined in for another few months on an art project. The last few months the theme was "Winter".... but now the theme is "Light"... and I'm itching to get to work on some contributions.
I also recently participated in a "flooding" of Facebook with poetry... reveling in the glorious works of E.E. Cummings, Browning, Keats and more... often people I had never heard of. In researching the poems of these artists... I found this site to be really helpful and full of interesting bits.

And then I came across this blog post... which I thought was wonderful.
And this article... which was awesome!

And then I stumbled upon THIS... and this..... and this... all about the same place.
How cool is that?!

It is so easy to feel unsuccessful. I myself; fall into this trap quite easily.
This article really hit home for me...

And then I came across this... which was just too cool to not share.
And THIS... which was just full of neat ideas.... which reminds me that I was gifted this magazine this week... and it was chock full of great ideas for crafts and re-purposing items around the house.

So. Enjoy the weekend, my friends. Be safe, be happy. Get some rest. Make something cool.