Monday, February 17, 2014


Several years ago, I was deeply involved in the start-up and running of a gallery space in Albuquerque.
I learned alot... about all the workings of starting such an endeavor... and running it on a daily basis... about working with all sorts of people... artists and business minded individuals...  but also about myself. About what I am capable of... and what I am willing to do... and not do.... and how I want to shape my work as an artist... and as an independent business owner.

Today I spent the entirety of the day in meetings with other artists and like-minded folk... talking about the potential for future events and such locally. And while I  never anticipated that I would be involved in another endeavor such as this... I find that I am excited... and optimistic about what it could mean to both myself... and this community.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-having art in my life. I can't imagine my life without it.
-the camaraderie of being around other like-minded folks... artists... and supporters of the arts.
-the drive of being an artist that fuels my everyday life
-the experiences I've had in the past with the gallery... and of participating in art shows and events in the past
-the experience of having my own art business for over 16-17yrs now
-having my own studio space in my own home
-having a patient and loving family who understands what making art means to me
-being able to work daily with my daughter; who is also an artist
-opportunities for the future--- to show and sell my art
-and the feeling that it is all coming "full circle" in my life...