Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today it was a "balmy" 38 degrees... and so; some of this week's dumping of snow began to melt... and then it rained. A very odd day weather -wise... but it sure made for some interesting light around the trees... which always makes me happy.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-lots of birds at the bird feeders... and tons of tracks of visiting wildlife in the yard
-having lunch with a dear friend (and a fabulous BLT on salt-rising toast).
-the ability to work hard; and see where you've accomplished something
-dinner. I was gifted with an incredible dish of chicken/broccoli/pasta/cheese casserole... and it was YUMMY.
-and coffee cake! home-made too!
-rain. Because I love rain... and because it cleaned almost all the road salt off of the jeep :)
-gift cards. I was able to use some gift cards from Christmas... and it filled almost half of our gas tank today.
-our mail carrier. Through rain, sleet, snow... yah. And it's a really steep hill I live on... THANK YOU.
-my health. Yes, I have lots of health issues... but there is always someone who has it worse.