Thursday, February 20, 2014


Today was a bit of a rough day for me... but it had it's highlights... like a visit from my cousin and my favorite Aunt to my studio space; and getting to show them a little bit of what I do.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-rain. Today it rained... and it was wonderful.
-visits with people I really care about
-playing in the studio... and being able to show people my stuff
-getting feedback on what I do... always a good thing.
-beads! My cousin brought me a few beads and shells from a trip years ago to Ghana.
-finding the right color toilet seat. Yah ... I know. But my mom's bathroom has a baby blue porcelain tub/sink/toilet.... and I thought it would be impossible to find a matching toilet seat... and yet... I did.
-anti-anxiety meds. My baby Brina is getting increasingly anxious about things as she gets older. Noise. People in the house. The garage door going up and down and how it vibrates the floors. Thank GOD for Rescue Remedy. It really helps her alot.
-leftovers for dinner... makes dinnertime easy :)
-cookies. My husband got me 2! White Chocolate macadamia nut cookies... YUM. Perfect with my evening cuppa tea.
-having a home that is truly a sanctuary. I know that I can rest here... recoup here... be myself here. And that means everything.