Friday, February 28, 2014


These past few weeks.... I keep coming across things involving sheep. 

I see them on back roads... I start crocheting and realize I am using organic sheep wool... they have even presented themselves in the storyline of some movies I've seen lately.
And so... I thought I should look up what the symbology of sheep as a totem or spirit animal would mean.

"Sheep can show how to maintain balance and have confidence in situations and abilities, teaching us how to move in the physical with agility, camouflage and blending with surroundings, teaches a sense of togetherness and community along with showing how to make life easy and promote serenity. Sheep instills a sense of protection and alertness with peace of mind and heart. Are you moving in the direction you should be going? Are going with or against what you know to be true? Are you protecting yourself enough and/or remaining centered in peace? Sheep wisdom can help in understanding your place and perceptions within the scheme of things."  --(from

Then I saw that Sheep (or Ewe) are associated with the Celtic goddess Brigit and her spring festival Imbolc (meaning 'ewe's milk').... which is almost upon us.

Furthermore, "Sheep are symbols of the simple goodness we bring to life when we have the desire and affection to do good for others and to be good ourselves. Such goodness is gentle and patient, just like sheep, but needs to be protected from attack by other selfish parts of our character that can easily destroy our desire to do good for others."

From what I've read... the focus of sheep tends to be on feelings of vulnerability... along with a desire for conformity. Never has this been more true... especially for me this week.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-feeling vulnerable and feeling a little lost and alone... because it is forcing me to work harder.
-focusing on improving myself... and learning more about myself
-friends who are willing to kick me in hte pants when I need it
-animal totems... and all the lessons they can teach us
-wool. Even though I am allergic to it.... I find that I can crochet with the organic spun yarns; and it is a joy to work with them.
-the coming spring equinox
-signs of spring popping  up all around me... like the melting of some of the snow, and the presence of more birds 
-in Chinese astrology; the sheep is associated with sensitivity and perseverence... and boy am I feeling that.

Finally... I read that "Sheep/Ram/Ewe's wisdom includes; Maintaining balance in dangerous situations, Confidence in ones abilities, Fertility, Courage needed to maintain balance, New beginnings, Abundance and Assurance in new areas "...yep. I needed that.

--You can read more HERE