Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Things I am Grateful for today:

-snow. I know, I know. But it sure is pretty in the morning.
-for the folks that plow... for the people who go out and clear their sidewalks... for the people who go out of their way to help things stay moving and safe...
-friends. I have a couple folks that I visit that don't get out as much as they would like too... because of their health... and I love visiting them. Today I was able to visit with one of my favs.
-roses. I picked up the most gorgeous pink roses today to give a couple people...
-including my daughter. .. whom I am very grateful for. Not only is she my daughter; but my friend.
-visitors. Late this afternoon we had 2 doe come down in the yard to graze. The photo above is one of the deer.
-hot showers, soft towels and working bathrooms. So many folks don't have the luxury of working plumbing... or hot water... or the simple things we all take for granted.
-the internet. How wonderful to be able to get (most) anything you need at the click of a mouse? Especially in poor weather... or when it just isn't practical to drive an hour or two to get something.
-crock pots. I think I am going to make a pot of chili or something :)
-Top Chef. Tonight is the finale.