Friday, February 7, 2014


Things I am Grateful for Today:

-last night we had the most awesome dinner... courtesy of friends who gifted us with pot roast and home-made cheddar biscuits.
-being able to be out and about in the snow taking pictures
-barns. I have never seen a green one before.
-the awesomeness of creeks in snow. I love the look... the sound... even the smell.
-raku beads. I found a a couple in my stash the other night... and made some earrings with them. Mine have gold flakes on them.... and I love the look of them.
-it's FRIDAY!
-new friends--- old friends.
-tie-dye. A friend gifted me with a fabulous ankle length sundress/lounge dress today... and it is a bright and bold set of colors. So cool!
-thrift shops, yard sales, antique shops... I love them all
-vintage sewing boxes. Today I found a vintage wooden sewing box with hinged lids on either side; and tons of old thread in it. I gifted it to my daughter... and she loves it :)