Sunday, February 2, 2014

for the weekend

It's the weekend! And the beginning of a new month :)
Beginnings are always full of promise... anticipation... and hope... or at least... mostly.

It just started snowing. Big, fluffy , pure white flakes ... gently gliding on down...
I have jazz music on... the TV is playing (on mute) a movie on a modern love story, and my puppy is curled up on a mound of vintage quilts.... dozing. Life can be perfect... or at least... it certainly has some really perfect moments. The photo (above) is my coffee cup... swirled in the smoke from incense.
such visual poetry...

-And so I think about what I want to include for links in this weekend's post.
Certainly, I am dreaming of my garden to come this summer... and so I will include THIS, this, and THIS.

-And it's the Year of the Horse!.... having just had the celebration for this Chinese New Year.
So, here is an interesting take on what lies ahead...

-I love Etsy. This was a cool feature they made a few days ago... and I love how inspirational it is for those of us who make things.

-then I came across this... and was just astounded.

-I broke my stove the other day... yah, I know. But it got me thinking about what I really want to do with our kitchen once we have the funds to do a little re-modeling. Which brought me to this lovely article....setting aside the whole divorce thing... it has some really inspirational ideas for people who want a smaller home.
And then I saw this fab article... which reminded me of the home of a childhood friend who had a secret room in her house that was part of the Underground Railroad.
And then I saw that an artist friend of mine opened up her online store... featuring some of her photos of architecture; and I thought you might want to take a look.

-I also wanted to include a link to this Russian artist's work... because it's just amazing :)

-and this real life wonder!

-which got me thinking about these places... and oh, how I want to travel more this year.
-and wouldn't this be amazing!

-but for now... I will drink some warm tea... watch the snowflakes descend... and gaze upon this.
Have a great weekend :)