Saturday, February 15, 2014

for the weekend

It always amazes me how quickly the weeks go by.
I have been trying to focus on gratefulness this year (as evidenced by my daily posts)... and I think it has really altered my perspective. Not that I was a "negative nelly" before... but I think it has helped ... especially during the christmas season... when I tend to get more depressed. (... and also during the extreme heat of summer -- so we'll see how it goes here where it doesn't get near so hot).

So... today the daughter and I took a walk about in the snow (not an easy task... it was up to our knees)... and took some photos around our property. I love the one at the bottom of this post that my daughter took... of a small bird (finch maybe?) landing.... it looks like an angel print.

It's cold.  It's winter.  And in the blink of an eye it will be spring again... and we will be wondering where all t\he snow went.

So; for today... just sit back and enjoy whatever weather you are having... and just be.
Here are some links:

-I was recalling to my daughter about Chock Full of Nuts coffee. My grandmother used to drink it... but I never realized the awesome back story on it's history.
- I watched the Westminster Dog Show this past week... and came across this article that I thought you might like: here
-I've been reading alot of articles on self-empowerment. Here is a neat photo essay...
-and on the same vein of thought... I thought I would include this: here
-dreaming of traveling? this is cool...  as is this!
-and here is a link to a "tiny house" that I thought was gorgeous.
-I am not a math person. It is all "above my head." But I live with a math geek... and thought this was interesting.
-I love bookstores. Seriously. Can't get enough of them. ... and so... this was awesome.
-I had a friend forward me this link... and I really am fascinated by the art.
-this is the website of a local artist I like. 
-and for some serious art inspiration.... look here.... and here.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend.