Monday, March 17, 2014


Last night was the Full Worm Moon here in Pa... and it was gorgeous.
In celebration of the full moon... and of the Spring Equinox coming on thursday
we made faerie cakes and sweet honey biscuits and set them out for the woodland fae... or faerie folk
Tip-toe-ing to the edge of the woods... and leaving the treats just as dusk was rolling in...
whilst being watched by a small group of bunnies.

And of course, today is St. Patrick's Day...
and it's Holi... (also look here);
so there is alot this week to be celebrating.

And I am going to take a week off. 
I've alot to do... and alot I feel like I am behind on...
and having been sick for a week... I just feel like I need some time to rest, 
re-coup, clear out the house... that sort of thing.

Blessed be..
take it easy...
and I'll see you in a week.