Monday, March 24, 2014


so. I've had a week off... and spent most all of it ... sick.
Funny thing. It's like the guy who goes on vacation for the first time in years... and spends it all sick in bed.
I think it has alot with allowing the body to relax.... or part of the decompressing process.
Whatever it is... it is.
And it has been.

It's also been a week that I intended to get caught up on several projects I've been working on... but alas.
Appliances suddenly died ... the computer suddenly died...we had flooding(twice) in our basement (where the studio is) ...  >>sigh<<
And so, time was spent trying to get better... to fix things.... to nourish and restore.
There have also been a couple job opportunities... and time will tell if they will pan out.
But what now?

Good question.

The icy cold snows of winter are melting.
Birds are flocking (no pun intended) to our yard these days.
Deadlines for a massive art undertaking are coming up.... and I'm freaking out (a little).
But most of all... I've become more fully aware of my (desperate) need to get healthier... and to do work that I love. These are things that I've concentrated on since my "retirement" in 2003... but more than ever... I need to press on, and do more.

I really believe this is going to be a good year.
Changes, yes.
Trials even. ...but good things are coming.

With the Spring Equinox this past week... and with the weather changing.... and new growth sprouting all around... it's hard to not be overjoyed in the changes. To shake off winter's cloak and frolic in the promise of the summer sun. To sing with the juncos and the finches over the nubs on the trees... to run with the rabbits and squirrels... to heave a sigh of relief with the deer as they peek out of the woods... and the bear as he awakens.

Hope to see you all out and about this week...

(and I saw a heart from my dad)