Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Things I am Grateful for Today:

-the hairy wood pecker who comes to our yard every morning
-"Bubba"... the neighbor's cat. He is a Maine Coon... and very cool and laid-back
-bacon and eggs
-THIS article on the business of art
-and this art shop online
-and I came across this blog on sewing
-Last week I made a goulash dish that I remembered from my childhood (see photo). It was awesome.
However, a friend of mine; who is Hungarian... sent me this link for an authentic taste.
(American Goulash has pasta, true Hungarian Goulash has potatoes).

-I found this music video online. It was done by a food truck in Albuquerque! Very cool.
- and I stumbled upon this list on words we should bring back
-and this. Life lessons...

see you all tomorrow...