Monday, March 3, 2014


These next few weeks are going to be busy... as I have been working with a group of local artisans and we are in the process of getting a venue up and running to showcase some of the incredible talent here in Potter County.... with a Grande Opening in just a few short weeks.
It's a great undertaking, and I have done it before... and perhaps because of that previous experience, I am being a bit more cautious and thoughtful this time around.
Plus, I am winding down at my temporary job of the past couple of months... and will earnestly be working on classwork and such for my next possible position. All the while working on my art business... and resting up from a recent back injury. I am trying to remain positive... hopeful... yet, practical and realistic about everything going on. Or at least... that is the intention.

So. Things I am Grateful for Today:

-this local group of brave souls trying to carve out an art center... gallery... marketplace... teaching/learning/sharing... not-for-profit venue.
-positive thoughts and willingness to try, yet, once again (on my part) to be part of the building/idealization of a gallery/artisan center.
-the willingness of the creative spirit in each of us... the leap of faith in each of us... to make this happen
-and the practical stuff... the building... the location... and so much more.
-and all the artisans and support staff who are willing to share their expertise.. with bookkeeping... advertising, graphic design and more.
-for my temporary job of the past couple of months... the friendships I have found there... the steady income which was much needed... and the emotional support of people who care
-a fantastic local chiropractor who is working with me to get my back/hip in order
-for this house... this place of refuge that we as a family have come to know and love
-for the studio space... for what it allows me to do... and for all it can become
-and... for the promise of a bright, new tomorrow