Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I feel like I am in liminality; that in-between-ness of something...
..the great unknowing...
..sort of a limbo.

Soon... I will be part of the great unemployed (again)...  but I think it's going to be ok.
The hubby is actively looking for a part-time job... whilst working on his first novel.
He has explained a little bit of it to me... and it sounds wonderful...  and I am excited for him.

I have alot of catching up work to do in my studio ... and I am really looking forward to that.
-photographing a small ton of things to list for sale online...
-working on some new projects that have been jumbling about in my head...
-making items to stock up a potential (small) space in a local gallery with my handmade stuff... possibly even a new line of jewelry items...
And.. working on some classes I signed up for on-line... in preparation for my next job.

I am very grateful today for these things:

-online inspiration from some of my favorite blogs... Ornamental... Geninne...Mary Ann Moss...
-online inspiration on cooking...here.. and here
-and on living a simple life... Here... and HERE.
-for all the blogs I read that offer me great art/music/life inspiration... like This... and This
-and ...for time to read them
-for crock pots... which make a fabulous pot roast/boiled dinner (yes... I cooked)
-for advil and tea (and then got a migraine)
-for soft sheets and warm puppies (but am feeling a bit better now)
-for flannel shirts and pajama bottoms... even at 4 in the afternoon.
-but mostly today... for living in this place...

(the photo for today's post is of the barns at the old Johnson Nursery. When I was out of  high school... and working for a year to save money for college... I worked for the Johnson family. I did cooking, cleaning and such.... but it was all the nursery plants and such that I adored. Blueberry bushes galore... trees... flowers... herbs... even a fish hatchery type place with koi and frogs. It was glorious. Well... the house is gone. The land is now owned by the CCMH hospital... and the barns back up to what is now the Patterson Cancer Care Center. It is still a very lovely spot... and I adore the barns.)