Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The photo above is of part of our local Golf Course... in winter. It's a beautiful spot. The whole area surrounding the Golf Course is simply stunning. My sister (who has since passed) used to live just up the road from here... and from her front deck... there as this mesmerizing view of the upper parts of the Golf Course, tons of trees, a pond and the creek. Perfect for sitting with your morning coffee...
There are lots of picturesque places like this... here in the area... and I love having the opportunity to photograph some of them.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-clear skies and sunshine (today we maxed out at a high of 22 degrees)
-calzone. My hubby took me out for a late lunch today.. and I got a delicious calzone at our local OIP ...with ham and riccotta cheese). It was similar to THIS recipe.
-conversations. I know it's not unique to a small town... but there is certainly that thing... where you walk in a shop; know the people... and are comfortable with them to swap stories of your "formative" years with them... and laugh.
-and then there's that other thing.... where people you don't know at all... just come up and start sharing their life story with you...yep. That happened too.
-the internet. Makes it so easy to order things... especially when we live so far from art shops and book stores and such...
-delivery. I know I've mentioned it before... but we have awesome  USPS/UPS/Fed Ex  service here. Today I had some large packages delivered that would have been totally ruined in the wet winter weather... and the delivery people were just awesome.
-flowers. I have some pink and red carnations that were gifted to me on Valentine's Day... and they still look and smell wonderful. I am in shock at how well they have lasted.
-trees. I adore trees. I absolutely loved my high school biology class ( and not just because I had a crush on my teacher ... although that probably helped ). Today I found a vintage book on Trees of North America for only $5... and it's killer. The sketches in it are incredible... and I hope to use them for inspiration in some artwork in the near future.
-the excitement of planning the next art project...
-realizing that you might even have the time/ energy/ supplies to do that next art project

BONUS: seeing that my blog has had over 75,000 views in the past 5years :)