Saturday, March 15, 2014

for the weekend

It's been a really, really strange week.
It's like life has thrown a whole bunch of crap my way... just to make sure I've learned (similar) lessons in the past... re-enforcing & emphasizing things... such as lessons on money... lessons on friendship... lessons on helping people (or when you THINK you are helping someone)... lessons on not letting other people take advantage of you... major stuff there... and... I've been sick.

And so this weekend ...  I think I just need to take a major step back.
---so if I don't post for a few days... don't be alarmed.

I've collected some interesting links to share with you all this weekend:

-10 women writers all women should read
-and a link on this woman poet... recommended by a friend
-I've been thinking about the 5-6 rolls of old film I was gifted recently, and was considering this... (which linked to this awesome video). Anyway, I am thinking some film adventures are on tap for this spring.
-I came across this video the other night... and lost about 2hrs watching some really funny tv.... more exploits of Ellen & Gladys... which of course, led me to the cd... which I ordered
-I've been thinking alot about our potential garden... and found this link on plants to plant together
-I wanted to share this store/ website with you all.... I absolutely LOVE her jewelry
-speaking of... I've been contemplating that whole "do what you love" thing.... and found this.
-and wouldn't this be awesome?
-and I wanted to give you all some art sites to look at that I think are wonderful/ inspirational/ freakin cool... like this.... and this.
-and of course.... Ostara is coming up on the 20th (the spring equinox). So I wanted to include some links on that. ... here.... here.... and here.
-and then THIS. because... bunnies.

***hope you all have a great weekend

((the photo for today's post is one I took on this date; last year.... but edited today.
Spring had already "sprung" in Albuquerque... and this was a bouquet I had on my patio.
I thought I would post this today as a sign that spring was indeed coming... ))