Saturday, March 29, 2014

for the weekend

Light is a marvelous thing.
As a photographer, I ponder the light quite a bit... and it's most always on my mind.

The light here is definitely changing.
Changing from winter blues... to a light warm yellow with a dash of green.
It's wonderful... and a sure sign of spring.

I hope you all are enjoying the weather wherever you are... and are taking in deep, refreshing breathes.
I hope that the sunshine clears out all the doldrums in your lives... and makes things clean and bright.

And I have some cool links for you:

-77 facts that don't seem true... but are. whoa.
-some photos of really cool abandoned places around the globe.
-a group art project I belong too.... and the theme is Light.
-some super awesome light fixtures
-a recipe for pickled eggs! (Easter is coming up soon)
-this sounds like awesome news...
-seeing THIS would be incredible!
-can you name them all? I sure couldn't. And I hope to read them all eventually.
-words cannot describe how cool this is... seriously.
-a collection of Haiku... themed by States of the US.
-not sure if I've posted this before... but this looks awesome... and deserves support.
-and because I was recently accepted into this (future) local gallery space (and am one of many artists trying to get this up and running)
... I thought I would include the link to it's website.