Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Things I am Grateful for Today:

-that one gas station that you know will be open... even though it's 3am
-watermelon tourmaline. Digging thru my stash...
-boxes in the mail from art supply companies
-deer poo in my yard... proves how close to nature we are here... and that makes me happy.
-bones. The daughter found some really cool skeleton bones the other day.... and they are drying/post cleaning, in my kitchen. Yah. It's that kind of house.
-jars of markers in many colors
-old auto-harps
-movies. Last night we watched Ninth Gate. Not sure I liked it; but it was visually stunning.
-people who copy  my art, my blog, my life. Not really flattery... but it does keep me on my toes....and keeps me ever-changing; ever-evolving.
-oil pulling. Sounds strange, I know. But if it helps... Started it yesterday with some organic coconut oil from our local natural food store.