Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We have a grouping of what I call "witch trees" on our property. Gorgeously twisted and gnarled older trees of different varieties... but in a grouping... most of which have damage from a storm... lightening marks, torn areas... one of them is split the full height of the tree... in half.
And yet, they have survived.
Come warmer weather, I hope to clear a bit of the debris from around and beneath them... and scatter wildflower seeds all over for this summer. Bear rest here... deer sleep here... and there is evidence of many others who find refuge in their shade. It is a majikal place.

We are so blessed to have landed here.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-fresh tulips on my table (see my photo on my other blog)
-a variety of cheeses in my fridge. Havarti, sharp cheddar, baby swiss...
-pita chips (I love this brand)
-this week we are paying off our credit card debts. This means (other than the house)... we are completely debt free. Broke... but debt free.
-new moon energy
-this land on which we live. It's awesome. And yes, I love the trees.
-pomegranate juice. It's keeping the "yuck" at bay this week.
-my boots. I own 2 pair of boots (one slightly larger than the other so I can wear them with thick socks), one pair of summer sandals, and one pair of vintage converse sneakers (yah, that's it). I go everywhere in my boots. I love them.
-towels. Today I bought 4 new towels for the bathroom. Yes, it was time. I love the colors (2 green and 2 teal ones)... and it's always wonderful to use a new, fluffy towel.
-bunny poop. Everywhere I go in my yard, there is bunny poop. Which means... there are bunnies frolicking in our yard. This. is. awesome.