Thursday, April 10, 2014


Alot of people ask me, "What... in all the photos you have taken; is your favorite?"
It's rather like asking... what is your favorite book, or movie... or food. It really depends on your mood, the day... all kinds of factors.
That said (and not including photographs of friends and family)... I think I would choose the one I've included in this post.
It's not a technically perfect shot. It's grainy; as I took it at night... handheld (no tripod) with a simple point and shoot camera.
So... it's not perfectly sharp; it's not perfectly exposed... I'm sure you could find alot of fault with it if your tried.
However. I love it. I love the colors, the subtle changes in tone from leaf to leaf. I love the mood it invokes.
A clear summer night... moonglow... the majik that is 2am...leaves rustling ever so slightly in the breeze...
perhaps the howl of a coyote or the hoot of an owl in the distance.
You can feel it. I feel it.
And that is what I try to capture when I am out and about taking photographs.
I don't always succeed... but I try.

I"ve been going thru photos these past couple of days, making up postcards and prints for the gallery here... and it's been hard. How do you choose? Where do you start? Of course, time and money are also a factor... so I can't print too many right now... >>sigh<<
In the end; I let my husband and daughter pick a select few photographs... all of which I have taken in the past 5 months since moving here.
Thank the gods for family who step in and help so much... I don't know where I would be without them.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-my daughter and my husband.... who have helped me so very much these past couple of days to get (mostly) ready for the gallery opening.
-for ZQuil. For when I can't sleep cuz I'm too freaked out
-for endless large cups of dark black tea
-and toasted english muffins
-for easy to make dinners. Tonight I made plates of cheese, english muffins, fresh fruit and brats
-today when I came home from errands and volunteer work... I discovered a single, gorgeous, purple crocus in full bloom! in our yard. I have no idea where it came from. (you can see it here)
-Brina.... who is always willing to snuggle.... even when I am stressed (or maybe especially because I am stressed).
-energy. Or maybe it was necessity... but I got the studio space more/less straightened up and organized better (since the flooding). I can't work well in a disorganized space... and even though I really needed to be working on other stuff.... organizing the area was definitely a priority for me.
-Advil. When the headaches come.
-and for deep sighs... and the hope that it will all work out OK in the end...