Friday, April 11, 2014


It's hard to believe it's Friday... and today and this weekend are going to be super busy.

But it's been sunny... and spring-like (I haven't worn a coat in a week or so).
Crocus and snowdrop flowers are in bloom at various places around town... birds singing...
kids out playing... the spring season is definitely here to stay.
And while the woods around our house still have snow in spots... for the most part...
it has receded into the earth once more.

Last night I went to a watercolor painting class. I have always been interested in learning how to paint with watercolors... but have always been too afraid to try. And yah, I sucked. I couldn't keep my paint in the boxes I had drawn on paper... I couldn't get the "proper" gradient technique that the instructor was showing us... even my brush was betraying me by leaving loose hairs all about.
I stressed. I felt like a failure.
But you know what? I tried. I stepped waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone.
And it was good.
And I went for a glass of wine afterwards.
And we'll see how it goes at class next week...

Things I am Grateful for Today:
-stepping out of comfort zones
-trying new things
-even things you are afraid of
-friends who accompany... and don't make fun of you (thanks!)
-new art supplies!
-good teachers who are passionate about what they do
-paper. There are SO very many kinds out there! Who knew...
-paint. Wow. So many colors... so many different properties... the possibilities are endless
-the fun of experimenting
-and a glass of vino for the nerves....