Wednesday, April 16, 2014


My mother's daffodils are blooming.
All around town; as I walked home from volunteering at the Art Center today.... were little pops of spring forcing their way up threw the ground
... in spite of yesterday's snow.
Hyacinths, daffodils of all varieties, snowdrops, coltsfoot, tulips (or rather, the leaves)... I even saw some very brave gladiola 
leaves coming up around the local Presbyterian Church.

Everyone tells me that spring is a little late in coming this year... and judging from photos I have taken here in previous years; attest to that theory. Regardless, spring is coming.
You see so many photos of spring flowers in color (which makes perfect sense after the doldrums of winter)...
but I thought I would try a black and white shot... hence; the photo at the top of this post.
I think, in some ways, shooting in black and white makes me appreciate the texture of things all the more... which is never a bad thing.

And so... Things I am Grateful for Today:

-black and white photography... and color photography. I love them both. Have you seen this?
-ham steaks *it's what's for dinner*
-coke (as in Coca-Cola). Cuz you have to now and then.
-spring flowers in all forms
-walking home and seeing hawks fly right overhead
-home-made applesauce (fresh from my freezer from last fall's crop)
-insects. These past couple of days I have seen worms, ants, a bee or two... even some flies!
-sudoku puzzles. Every night I "de-stress" by working on several puzzles. It really helps me unwind.
-alstromerias. I have a bouquet on my kitchen table... they are a pretty sunshine yellow.
-rocks and minerals. I keep an antique bowl by my computer. It  is full of rocks, shells, beads, feathers...
 random loveliness that I fiddle with while I am typing and cruising the internet. It makes me happy.

I took this photo in the wee hours of this morning... of the gorgeous full moon.
I am not sure why the colors turned out the way they did... and I am not sure why I got the mirror-like effect of the moon with circles around it... or even the halos.... but I like it... and thought I would include it in today's post.

Sleep well, my friends... until tomorrow.