Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Spring is popping up... in little spurts... and it is good.

As I mentioned a few days ago... April is going to be busy.... and so it is.
Seems like all of us (animals, plants, people) are busy with the renewal of life.

The photos above show a local home (it was the Episcopal Church parsonage/manse when I was little)... that is aglow with Eranthis hyemalis... also known as Winter Aconite. It's bright and sunny yellow are almost shocking after such a harsh winter... but I think I'll survive.

And so on this wonderful Wednesday...
Things I am Grateful for Today:

-yellow. Not my favorite color... but happy to see it as the snow and ice recede.
-not sure if this is a "Grateful" post or not... but we actually had 2 big ole horse flies in the house today. ...Winter is definitely over.
-Sargento mozzarella sticks
-handmade soaps, tinctures and teas
-these photos ... and these Katerina Plotnikova
-early morning birdsong
-THIS video
-and this "feel good" story for the day
-and finally... that the parking ticket I got today (I was working and forgot about putting additional money in the meter), was only $5. Could have been worse... and at least I had the money on me... so I paid it right away and posted it in the mail. yay.