Monday, April 21, 2014


Today was sort of a lesson in futility...
I packed the jeep full of recycling and lots of garbage the daughter has been clearing out of the woods behind us.... and we took off... only to find out that the Recycling plant/local dump was closed for the day (Easter weekend). So.... we took off on a side road to stop at a local greenhouse-- thinking of getting some garden plants (which; as it turns out... isn't open yet... but will be opening in a couple weeks).... and I was going to work in the yard today... but alas, my allergies had other thoughts.
And so.... another day.... another day for all of it.
And that is OK.

On the plus side... Things I am Grateful for Today:

-we got out and about in the wonderful spring weather
-we got to meet a couple adorable puppies at the greenhouse location... a wonderful basset named Shovel and his little labra-doodle companion.
-we saw a couple old barns along the way... and I LOVE old barns (one is shown in the photo above)
-we found more wild leeks
-and so I am making some more wild leek and potato soup for dinner---vegan style so my daughter can eat some... and I'll share some with my mom.
-I saw ants! and a couple bees! in the yard
-I found someone I was able to gift my "old" laptop to who could use it.... even though it has a couple issues (that may be fixable)... doubly-good because this person loaned me their printer so I could print some photos a couple weeks ago.... and now it all worked out for each of us.
-and I am able to gift my "old" one... because Jim surprised me with a NEW one for my birthday coming up.
-and that turning 50 isn't really all that bad