Thursday, April 24, 2014


I love this building; located right on Main Street here in town.
I'm sure everyone here knows the story... but suffice it to say; at one time it was a really cool; really well kept tavern with rooms to rent... fell into disrepair... went thru a series of owners... was gutted at one point with the intent to restore it... and now has been empty for years and years.
It's a tragedy... in many, many ways.... and a source of frustration for many here.

I try to think of her as a very old woman... still dignified... still standing... but beyond the point where life is vigorous and one could do things with verve. She is fading away... but will (no doubt) remain in the hearts of many. And I am afraid.... her days are numbered now due to weather and time.

I still think she's gorgeous.... and try to appreciate her every time I wander by.

-- this is from a local news source:

"Built from 1875-1880 for F. W. Knox, this large Italianate residence was converted for use as the Old Hickory Tavern in 1928. Located on Main Street in Coudersport, Old Hickory is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Coudersport Historic District. 

Old Hickory has been closed and vacant since 1987, and was owned by Adelphia, which was destroyed by an accounting scandal and entered bankruptcy in 2002. 
The current owner acquired Old Hickory in 2004 with the intention of rehabilitating it, but has not been able to do so to date. 
The owner looks forward to working with Preservation Pennsylvania and other partners to find a way to get the project moving in 2014." --see more information HERE

according to legend... it is haunted by the ghost of a young man

~~~OLD HICKORY INN (Coudersport, Potter County) The Old Hickory was once a popular stopover for locals and travelers.  Now it's a derelict building, deserted except for its one forlorn spirit.  An underage drinker had too many, and got into a brawl outside the Inn.  He was shot, and they dragged his body upstairs, laid him on a piano, and let him die, afraid of losing their license.  The spook can be spotted looking out the the upstairs window late at night... see here

this is a cool blog post done by someone passing through...

photos of this building on Pinterest
and a video on VIMEO that I came across.