Friday, April 25, 2014


It's a strange thing.
I've been really super busy... and yet, not "gainfully employed"... which translates to doing alot of work... but as a volunteer. Now, I'm not complaining... but it is a frustrating situation when neither my hubby nor I are earning any income... and yet... working alot.
To that end; Jim has been really busy writing on his novel...  and sending out "feelers" for work here.
I have been working lots of hours as a volunteer at the local artisan center... which I love.

That said... today I went on an interesting job interview... to potentially photograph, research, and list items for sale ... on a commission ... for a business that deals in resale.
I got the job... so we'll see how it pans out into actual funds to "pay the bills"...
But... I am really excited. This is just the kind of venture I love.
Picking and poking thru stuff.... finding items... cleaning them up... photographing them... and (hopefully) getting them sold. I've sold on Ebay since 1998... and Etsy since 2008... and it's still exciting to me.

And so... today's list of Things I am Grateful for Today include:

-job opportunities
-the thrill of "picking"
-being able to (more or less) set my hours of work... which allows me time to work on my art as well
-being able to volunteer... which I love... especially at the Artisan Center... which I support wholeheartedly
-being able to use my skills as a photographer in a more practical way
-enjoying seeing my hubby grow and bloom as a writer
-the bear. Our local "little guy" actually came up on our front deck last night and looked in our living room windows. I think he was not so subtly telling me that he noticed I hadn't gotten any replacement bird feeders since he wrecked the last ones...
-finding wild leeks in my local grocery store (whodathunk)
-getting my Etsy shop back up and running after a 2 week hiatus
-and seeing 3 little wild violets on my walk tonight