Monday, April 28, 2014


Come May 1st... I think I will be changing things up a little here on the blog.
Mainly, not doing the "Things I am Grateful for Today" lists... as it seems not as well received as I had thought it would be.
Now, that said... I'm still grateful. VERY.
I'm just gonna shift the focus a little on the posts.

It's a funny thing. After writing this blog for 6yrs now.... you'd think I'd have a "formula" down.
But that's the thing... it needs to be changed on occasion... or readership wanes.
And as things have been in almost a constant state of FLUX since moving back in October...
it's certainly appropriate that the blog would change a little too.
So... we'll see what I come up with in the next few days.

In the meantime... trust that all is well here.
The sun is shining (mostly)...
The wild woods call to me most every day to soak in their beauty...
Brina has discovered that she can nap IN THE SUN... and be ON ThE GRASS at the same time.
(something she couldn't do in the desert---ie: no grass)
Jim is busy writing his book...
The son and granddaughter in New Mexico are doing well...
The daughter is doing art...
and I? I am off to make some coffee... see you all tomorrow.