Thursday, April 3, 2014


... and the snowdrops have arrived at a couple of homes downtown... and they are gorgeous.
They are one of my fondest images of springtime here in Potter County... and seeing them always chases away any thoughts of winter still lingering around.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-harbingers of spring... like snowdrops and crocus
-having to look up wild bird calls on google to see what I am hearing
-car wash places... and washing the road salt off of Roxy (the jeep)
-walking home from work (I volunteer at a place in town)
-getting a "paws-up.. full frontal" greeting and face smooch... from a pit bull mix "walking" her family
-quilt tops
-lunch with friends
-spouts on potatoes. They always look like alien life forms to me... not that I know what alien life forms actually look like... but I can dream...
-light thru pheasant feathers in my window
-working with local business owners and managers. How cool is it to actually be able to talk with the person who OWNS the place? #smallTownLife.