Friday, April 4, 2014


I saw this sign in an alleyway on my way home from the grocery store... and it was screaming at me.
It seems that --- now is not the time for resting.... parking... but for "getting it in gear."
And I've lots to do over the next week or so...

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-celebrations. Today is a good friend's birthday; and I am happy for her. It also would have been my parent's anniversary (my dad passed away in 2010).... and while I miss him (very much); I think it is still good to celebrate the loving union they had.
-it's not snowing. Yah... sounds bad I know. I do LOVE winter, but there is also a wonderfulness to life when the snowing/ ice/ hail all stops... and the weather turns to spring.
-patience. Sometimes I am really low on it.... and I just need to be grateful that (ultimately) things work out in the manner in which they are supposed to.
-tolerance. Lots of times.... people think of patience and tolerance as going hand-in-hand. While I'm not convinced of that... I can certainly appreciate that we; as humans; are not all alike... and that is a good thing. It's nice to be able to print off postage ... get things ready... and drop them in the mail. Even if it's 2am.
-spray paint. What an awesome invention... and one I will be using alot in the next few days around the house.
-hot packs. I am sore... I am tired. I am feeling old... BUT I love my hot pack... especially today.
-it's Friday. 'nuf said.
-It's April 4th... and just out of curiosity... alot has happened on this day throughout history (look HERE). Today I am grateful that we have the capacity to look up interesting bits like this in mere minutes...
-and finally, for today... I am grateful for the wind. It is amazing to be able to sit in the sun... close one's eyes... and just listen. Apparently, the word psithurism... means "the sound of the wind in the trees and the rustling of the leaves." How cool is that? That we even have a word for that...

Thoreau also had an affinity for the wind through the pines: “The white pines in the horizon, either single trees or whole wood, are particularly interesting. The wind is making passes over them, magnetizing and electrifying them…This is the brightening and awakening of the pines…As if in this wind-storm of March a certain electricity was passing from heaven to earth through the pines and calling them to life.”
--Journal of Henry David Thoreau 1855-1861