Saturday, April 5, 2014

for the weekend

damn. How did the weekend get here already?
Time is moving so fast... and like the chefs on "Chopped"... I feel like I am panting, sweating... and wondering who sped up the clock...
It's a busy, chaotic time for me right now.
And, I believe, this is a good thing.
I just need to manage my time well... and get things done.

And so... I will be huddled in my studio for the next couple days... as much as I am able...
In the meantime... I wanted to give you all some links to ponder at...

-this has me twitching. 
-I loved Susannah Conway's book.... and I read her blog ... so thought I would include this.
-this is a "sorta local" artist, and I will be taking her class soon on watercolor painting. It is something I've always wanted to learn more about... and I'm thinking it's time.
-some music I recently discovered by Shawn Lee and Bei Bei... look here.
-this is another blog I read... and this post was cool.
-a photographer whose work I love.
-cuteness overload          >>warning<<
-this is a friend of mine in Albuqueque. I absolutely LOVE his work.
-one of my "hidden" passions is collage. I hope to explore this more this coming year... but in the meantime, thought I would share one of my favorite collage artists here.
-and here is another. I was just able to buy a couple of her small pieces... and I love them

* I have been volunteering time at the Potter County Artisan Center... in anticipation of our Grande Opening this coming Saturday.
I am extremely excited about this...