Saturday, April 12, 2014

for the weekend

It's been a crazy, busy week for me... which has culminated in the Grande Opening of the Potter County Artisan Center... today and tomorrow. There will be live music, demonstrations, food... plus lots of "meet and greet" opportunities with some fabulous local artists.
I didn't get near as much done of my personal art stuff as I had intended.... but I still have lots of photography prints, postcards, recycled paper envelopes and cards, walking sticks, handmade scarves... and, of course... some of my jewelry.
I hope for a rousing high turnout and ultimate success for everyone involved... and I think it will be a huge benefit and resource for the community.

That said... I am tired.
I am anticipating several days with long hours of dead-like sleep punctuated by brief periods that involve scrounging in the kitchen
 and using the bathroom. And that is OK.

But before I head off to bed... cup of tea in hand... my faithful Brina by my side... I thought I would share some links for the weekend:

-an interesting article on "the 15 richest living artists"... seeing as we were on the subject of art.
-a collage artist I like
-and this link for some awesome journals
-and this link for some amazing  photography.

And then I got to reading about gardening and such; and wanted to include this link,
and this link on planting tomatoes, and this one on garden ideas.
This article got me thinking... and I am really glad I've cut alot of sugar out of my diet...
and have been eating much more of the organic, raw, natural variety.

Earlier in the week, I was reading about this family... who took a trip around the world with their teenagers.
So awesome! I even found a link to a blog written by their daughter.
I found out about that family; because THIS family had recently been under some bad scrutiny for taking their 2 toddlers on a vast sailing trip
... and ended up needing rescued when the baby became very ill.

Then, a friend sent me this link... which is Jim Carrey !singing! ...
which led me to finding this link.... labeled as the 15 Worst Covers of Beatles songs...

But don't despair.... there are always "cute raccoon" videos.
Until Monday, my friends...

((the top photo is of the stairs leading to the house next door. The house has been empty for several years... and it is a wonderful source of interesting photos for me. 
This last shot; is of 2 hawks that flew right over my head as I was standing 
on the front deck trying to get a photo of the setting sun))