Saturday, April 19, 2014

for the weekend

It's hard to believe that it's Easter Weekend already.
But... here it is.

I've wanted to post these photos for a long while... but was saving them for this weekend.
The photo at the top is one of the main stained glass windows in our local First United Presbyterian Church.... which is the church I grew up in. Often; as a child during sermons... my mind would wander and I would imagine myself as if I were living in the scenes of these windows. Happy in fields with the sheep.. barefoot and content... listening to their chatter as they ate sweet grass.
And while I find that I am no longer comfortable in the confines of formed religion... this place; this building; these windows... still make me feel safe, secure, and loved.

And so... I wish you all a very Happy Easter weekend... and whatever that means to you... and the activities that entails.  But before I head off for work today.. . and gatherings with family tomorrow... I thought I would share some links... all on an "art" theme:

-some amazing surreal photos
-great fox photos!  and a link to an awesomely happy fox video.
-a very cool artist 
-and this mixed media artist
-and some awesome collage art links (my latest fascination)...

-great things to do for yourself.
-and this great "feel good" story....