Friday, May 23, 2014


The big leafed plants in the photos for today's post; are known as "skunk cabbage" (symplocarpus foetidus). Not truly a cabbage, it is more closely related to tropical plants like calla lilies. It is one of the first plants of spring; and actually uses heat it generates itself; to thaw the ice and snow around it. How cool is that?
According to one online source:
"Skunk cabbage gets its name from the unpleasant odor it emits. This scent is a way for the plant to attract pollinators that are attracted to rotting meat. The scent is especially noticeable when the plant is injured. It travels easily because it is carried on the warm air that constantly rises from the spathe."

I think it's cool. It also reminds me of pitcher plant, and Jack-in-the pulpit plants... which I love.

This past weekend; I took a few hours out... and the daughter and I went tromping around the area with our camera...
and found this gorgeous swampy/ wetland area that you see in these photos... and thus, ended up taking the photos for today's post.

I am a firm believer... that when times are so horribly busy... like they have been for a couple weeks now; that you HAVE to take time out... even if only for an hour or two... and just walk in the woods.
Take some photos.
Commune with nature.
Watch some clouds.
Whatever it takes to get grounded... and then you are much the better for the visit.

Much love to you all... go breathe some fresh air... talk with a tree... and I'll see you tomorrow.

For more info on Skunk Cabbage:

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