Thursday, May 8, 2014


so. Yesterday, gradually went downhill... until I was pretty much in a sad and frantic mental state by midnight. And so. I am taking a drastic stop for the next 24-48 hours... only doing what I absolutely HAVE to get done in the imminent future... and nothing more.
I am sure the migraine isn't helping.... and I've had it for a couple of days now.
And so... I am posting today's post a little early (and the one on Light thru the Leaves).

That said... I love you all.
Everything will be fine.
We are all OK... except for Brina maybe, who is a little low on puppy treats... or at least... she thinks so.

... and I am in awe of the nature all around me.... and must step out into it.
(see the photo for today's post? That was the view over my house the other evening).