Saturday, May 10, 2014

for the weekend

The headache is still there... and life goes on.

I expect I will be doing a whole lotta nuthin' this weekend; and so I started it all off by taking a walk in the woods last evening. I was given a "hint" as to where to look by a friend of mine... and I am glad she mentioned it... because I found an entire hillside full of spring beauties... which are the flowers seen on today's post. The taproots of these plants are edible; and are often referred to as "fairy spuds." ... see this link.

And it's the weekend! So I've got lots of cool links for you:

*23 things we think about upon entering a bookstore
*this restaurant in Chicago... which sounds fabulous. And another link about the owner. I hope to go there someday.
*how to store and make your own herbal remedies
*some backyard DIY ideas
*can't do organic?
*some pretty neat papercraft art... and a link to her Etsy store.
*30 of the most creative Business cards ever...
*6 reasons to keep chickens (not that I need convinced)
*some awesome photography of snails

*** and just in case you wondered... there are still some pretty awesome people on this planet.
Like this guy.

Have a great weekend... and I'll see you on Monday.