Sunday, May 18, 2014

for the weekend

It's a beautiful world here in PoCo (Potter County) these past few days.
Seems like everything just "burst into song" overnight...
and everything is suddenly green and blooming, and smells awesome.

I've been really busy... in spite of "only" having a part-time job... and doing volunteer work
(at our local Artisan Center; and also helping a couple people out with odd jobs),
and getting ready for a massive yard sale at my mother's next weekend.
I also did an art/ craft show this weekend (to Benefit a local Veteran's organization).
And I've put about 50 pair of simple glass and mixed metal earrings in a local venue for sale;
sharing a spot with family who is also selling handmade jewelry items.
And... I feel like I am constantly playing the game of "catch-up"... you know how that goes...

While my heart is always in the right place... impulse, sleep deprivation, wanting to help... I screw up alot.
I'm flawed..... but my intentions are good.
And although there are times when I feel that I am just not fit for human consumption...
Thank gods for people who truly know me and love me in spite of it all.
I'm sure we've all been there.

And so... today I am hoping to get some much needed rest.
Cook some (hopefully) good food.
Read a book.
Watch a movie.
Forget about life for awhile.
(sounds like a song...)

Anyway... before I head off into the land that time forgot... I will leave you with some links I've gathered this past week:

*lessons learned as the daughter of a nurse (interesting)
*contemporary authors you should be reading
*what happens when a photographer takes the same photo from a different angle
*a neat new blog I found
*cool DIY backyard ideas for summer
*just ordered a book by this author... what is this divine madness
*an artist who makes sculptures with crayons
* and apples!
*wisdom from Kurt Vonnegut
*H.R. Giger passed away this week...
*but THIS is just awesome
*some interesting photos from the past

*** and just when you think you want to run away from it all... here is a town; looking for a hermit.