Saturday, May 24, 2014

for the weekend

Well... this weekend is the massive yard sale at my mother's house.
Around 10,000 books (no joke... my father had ledgers)... years and years of things my parent's had in their basement.... stuff from my neice's home (kid stuff)... You get the idea.

And it's been busy... just getting things ready and set up.... has been alot of work...
but it's been good. Lots of people are out and about... what with the holiday and long weekend ahead.
Children playing... dogs barking... cats lounging in the sunshine.
People saying hello after a long winter of mostly staying inside.
Summer is coming on... and it shows.

I hope this weekend finds you all well, happy... and having a good time.
And I've found some links to share with you all:

*so I'll start with this one. I know this person't mom ...
*3200 year old tree!
*lime green "blobs" in the Andes mountains. I thought it was cool ... and a link to the photographer that took the photos of the "blobs"... has this book in print.
*fun facts about dogs
*and then there was this... which is kinda scary.
*some very cool dishes
*lawnicide... and my next big purchase... and go eat your weeds!
*what I'm listening to right now
*this is just awesome. It's addicting be careful
*how to make a sourdough starter
*great motivation...
*and a great idea.

*** and some food for your soul this week...