Saturday, May 31, 2014

for the weekend

Another busy week has gone by.
I've been working my part-time job; and there is potential for more work... which is good.
I've been working/volunteer hours at the Artisan Center... and more artisans have joined... and the place is filling up nicely.
And we are working on the house... Jim is writing daily on his book... the daughter is happy with her job...
and Brina... well, Brina likes napping in the yard.

I've (as usual) been taking photos every day... and it seems like everything is suddenly ALIVE, and fresh, and blooming... and GREEN.
The photos above, are ones my daughter took yesterday afternoon of some fox kits that were romping about in the woods near our home.
Such a wonderful treat!
We have seen them prior, but were unable to get any good shots of them; until now.

And, as usual... I've gathered some links for you to ponder and check out this weekend.
This time; all of them are about photography:

*Benadict Fernandez-images from the 1960s
*Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower; photographer
*visions from the deep. Photographs by Alexander Semenov and his FlickR account HERE
*Ariana Russell (no relation)
* a photo journal on Vinyl
*Hillerbrand and Magsamen
*adventures in dreaming
*JJ Tarkovski- Polaroids
*early 20th Century Russia... in photographs
*and of course, one of my main inspirations... Vivian Maier

And, as a "food for thought"...
look HERE
and here