Friday, June 13, 2014


The sky has grown almost completely pitch black here on the hill, even though it's only 3:30 in the afternoon.
A massive rain front is moving in.
The wind is dancing through the trees like some crazed rumba dancer on crack.
Soon the rain will begin to fall... but not quite yet.
It's like Mother Nature is standing on the edge of a cliff.... somewhat holding her breathe.
It's quiet.
Even the birds are still.
No foxes in the yard romping... no bunnies or woodchucks nibbling on freshly mowed blades of grass.
...just this stillness.

Today is an unusual day in many ways.
It's the full moon... (the Strawberry Moon).
It is Friday the 13th (gotta love it)
We are in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde (cosmic chaos according to Astrology)
... and then there are the sun storms that have been dominating the news...
and now... this awesome storm... and the rain is coming down in sheets.

I turn on the lights, and put the kettle on to make water for coffee.
I put on some music.
Balkan beat box is making time with the rain.... and all is good.
In the other room... I hear Sabrina roll over and grown.... a small interruption of her afternoon nap.

My art business... I'm getting things back up and ready to run.
We are on to something new here ... something good.
And it's a new day.

And now, just as suddenly...
the sun is out.... the birds are singing...
the leaves are dripping with fresh rain.
... and there is a rumble of thunder in the distance...