Monday, June 16, 2014


It's been a very busy day up here on the hill.
And it's been hot.
And very muggy.
One thing I will say though, is that is is significantly cooler here at our place than many others around town... because of all the trees. And I am very grateful.
And, another BONUS...  is that the studio is in the basement... which is even cooler.
Now, if I could just find some more time to be down there...

Today was full of errands... to the bank, to the post office, to the thrift shop to drop off a bunch of things, then a stop off at my part-time job to check on a few things and talk to the boss, then a trip to drive an acquaintance out of town as he was walking... and a stop at my mom's to water plants, take care of a few things, etc... then a drive to a nearby village to take some books and movies (from my mom) back to their owner, a quick stop at a yard sale, and a stop to a relative's house, and a stop to chase baby groundhogs off the road... then a stop at the local nursing home to drop off a huge box of "Good Old Days" magazines, and a stop to another family member's house to drop off laundry... and then off to the grocery store.... and then unloading everything... making supper... etc. etc. etc.
Some days are just a bit crazy.

I was going to post a poem for today... But I think I will do it on another post.
Know that I am thinking of you all... and working on my art daily...
and will be back tomorrow with (hopefully) an interesting post.
And now... for a drink and maybe some of those fresh blueberries...