Monday, June 23, 2014


I've been going thru some sort of transformation these past couple of weeks...
although it's very difficult to formulate into words...
or even begin to figure out what all this may mean.
However, it is indeed present... and working.

A week or so ago, the daughter and I took a ride in the jeep and came across this majikal place.
I believe we were on sacred ground.

Things are changing... changing indeed.

And I am reading.
My current book is one on procrastination... yes, I know.
One of my greatest problems (at least in my mind) is that I put off doing things.
Not  because I don't want to do them... or because I don't have an urgency to do them...
but more because I am afraid of some aspect of it.
Nervousness around messing it up.
Of doing a bad job.
Disappointing people.
Fear of failure.

And we all do that to some degree...

I think, I at least, part of my problems is that I don't know which of the 37thousand tasks I have running around in my head.... to do first... and while I know it's important to just get something/anything done... it's hard to know where to start.
To take a page from her book:

"You have so many great ideas, and you can't decide on which one to follow through on. Or maybe once you finally settle on one and get into it, you get bored and drop it like a hot potato for something new. I know. One of the side effects of being a creative genus is that you have a billion great ideas and a lot of skills and talents, so it can difficult to figure out where to focus. "

And so, here I am.
On the precipice.