Wednesday, June 25, 2014


(...carrying on the topic of getting work/ projects done from monday's post...)

For some people, the hard part is deciding which task to tackle first.
As a (retired) nurse... triage isn't the problem.... but getting started sometimes is.
There are some tasks that are on "the list" simply because I feel guilty about NOT doing them.
And... at least according to the book I'm reading... it should be taken off the list of things to do.
(unless it will make you feel oh so very much better by doing it).

In the book, they have a "numbering game" of sorts that is supposed to help you narrow your list of projects down so that you have a top project in the end ... a place to start.
The author also suggests that you rename your list from a "to do" list... to a "could do" list... thereby taking some of the pressure off.
But if you're like me... the pressure is there regardless.

Mind you, the book is a good one.
I am finding though... as I go thru it; that my problem isn't so much knowing what to do...
but in finding time to do it. I think on a certain level; it is about making time.
About deciding that your art/ project is worthy of the time.
That it will make a difference... if only to you.

There is no way to add more hours to the day. (I don't have that kind of majik... how about you?)
So the problem lies in managing the time better...
and valuing what you do.