Thursday, June 26, 2014


so... how do you make more time?
How do you find the time to take care of people, take care of the house, get groceries, pay bills, run errands, work here, work there, work around the house, do this volunteer work, that social group thing, go to this event, support this thing, ... and still find time to do art?!
--let alone make the bed... or do the dishes... or walk the dog.

I don't know.
I know... not what you wanted to hear.
But I don't.
And it's so unique to each person... what qualifies as making it to the top of your list
---that thing that you end up making time for... above all else... that is what makes you YOU.
And what you make time for... speaks volumes as to who you are.
Deep down.
Where no one looks.
That is you.
And this thing that you really want to do?
It has to be done.
Or you will shrivel up and die.
Maybe not right away... but it will kill you.
In inches... in millimeters.
But it will eat away at you until you can't stand it anymore.
Trust me. I've been there.

So here's my challenge.
For the next couple of days take 15 minutes to do something you WANT to do.
It can be first thing in the morning (if that works for you) ... or the last thing at night (which may work for me).. or somewhere in between.
But do it.
Take 15 minutes.
Set the timer if you have to... or count out about 4 or 5 songs on the radio (not including commercials).
See what happens.
I'm guessing... at the end of a week... we'll be amazed at what we got done.
(and yes, I'm doing it too).