Friday, June 6, 2014

for the weekend

so, as you know... we were in Chicago this week.

We went to see one of my husband's favorite authors; hear him give a short talk... and get a book signed.
It was also a chance to meet some people my husband has been in a group with for several years... some traveling as far away as England for this event... so, to say it was awesome... is sort of an understatement.

And... along the way...

-we had deep dish Chicago style pizza at a great Chicago eatery... and met our "new" friends for the first time
-were part of a HUGE downtown "rave" type event in honor of the DJ who gave us HOUSE music
-saw "the bean"  and Millennium Park
-went to the Field Museum; and a great exhibit on the Chicago World's Fair of 1893
-saw people from all over the world who were in the city for this important soccer game
-saw the underground subway station
-got to stay in a really nice hotel (with a hot tub)
-got some really great coffee (including a nearby Starbucks Cafe)
-saw Lake Michigan and Navy Pier (from the car)
-drove the downtown ... which was very cool... lots of street musicians and such.
-played Jeopardy at a little pub, and WON two games... yah... that was fun.

...I have alot of links for you this weekend...
I hope you enjoy looking at them, and I'll see you all back here on Monday:

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---and some wisdom from Maya Angelou.  ( from this book )