Sunday, June 15, 2014

for the weekend

I've been seeing fox lately..... near our house... but have also a few my travels.
There are many interpretations of the symbolism of the fox... so it is up to much interpretation depending on what you believe. However, this site HERE has a lot of good information.

It's been a long week here on the hill.
However, I think great strides have been made (on my part) as to getting down some semblence of a routine.... that encompasses part-time work at a local business; and part-time volunteer work at the local artisan center... and of course, several "check-ins" with friends and family.
My ever-present "to-do" list is still at about 5 pages in length... but I am thinking 3 of them (which involve stuff that needs to be done here around the house).... can basically be tossed out the window.
Anyone who owns a house.... knows full well; that it is always a "work in progress'"... and that things are never really done to satisfaction (unless of course you are moving imminently-- haha).
The other 2 pages are essentially a list of things I have pledged to do for other people... and I am whittling away on it.

And my art business... always in motion to some degree... but definitely has been somewhat dormant... and obviously on the back-burner for several months.... which it can't be.
Yes, I still maintained my daily blogs (this one... and this one)... and took photographs most every single day... but really, I was too exhausted (mentally and physically) to do much else.
And while I've always suspected it... if I am not doing art regularly.... my physical being suffers.
I'm just no good for anything.... if I don't take time out regularly to make art.
And so... (hopefully) you've noticed a change this past week as my focus has shifted back to making art.

Here are some links for you to ponder with what's left of the weekend
(and my apologies for posting this rather late in the game):

*some fabulous book shops
*some "awwwwwwwwwwwwwe" photo moments
*Estas Tonne. I came across a link to a video with him featured.... and fell in love with his music. Here is his website.
*tea to help you sleep. Good info... ignore the promos on what to buy.
*50 states of America if they were high school kids. Ok. But it's funny.
*5 books every creative business owner should read
*a very cool DIY blog
*best coffee shops in America. Like I need incentive...
*on making your own mud-puddle. A cool post from an even cooler seed company.
* some ancient herbal remedies
*20 of the best cities to see street art. Again. Like I need incentive. What I need is travel money (lol).

--- and as a bonus.... this video.