Saturday, June 21, 2014

for the weekend

It's the weekend!
This weekend is the first Flea Market weekend where I work part-time; 
and it's also the local Relay for Life event in town.
Not many of you may know; but I am also a cancer survivor.
Actually.... I've had cancer a total of 5 times... 
but (in the whole scheme of things) only 1 of those episodes was "scary."
I am very grateful.

Events such as this in your life; tend to make one much more aware of how very precious life is...
I know it really made me take a harder look at what I wanted in life.
Sometimes though... we need a gentle (or even not so gentle) reminder.

Tonight as I walked home from work...
I could see the stars above me.
I got a big jump, hug and some kisses from a neighbor dog.
I could hear the goings on at the relay... and new what a celebration it was for the attendees.
I enjoyed long, deep breathes of clean country air.
And took some time to watch some fireflies.

It's a good evening.

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