Saturday, June 28, 2014

for the weekend

I am happy it's the weekend... not that it doesn't mean I'm not working.
In fact, this am I am setting up at a Flea Market...
and later tonight I am working at the Artisan Center here in town.
It's been a busy week.... but I am hoping it's been a good one as well.
But for now; I am really tired.

Which brings me to this... are you resting?
One of the main points I've read, is the great importance of self care.
I know, as a mom and wife, artist and self employed business owner... it can be rough.
Add into that a part-time job and volunteer work... and it could be a recipe for disaster.
I, for one, know that I tend to put my own needs last on the list... as do alot of people.
And I understand it... but am working on changing that for myself.

There are so many demands on each of us.. that sometimes one has to step back and say
"whoa... wait a minute"...
So. I am hoping that you all get some rest this weekend...
A little R & R...
...and spend some time to just sit and watch the fireflies.

Here are some cool links for the weekend:
*Liverpool's art festival this weekend.... and here
*London in the 1980s
*Yosemite in 1861
*street art from around the world
*Bunny as muse - a trip down the rabbit hole
*unimaginably large animals
*Iceland!  ... and more Iceland!
*recipes from CSA (community supported agriculture)
*artist Lori Nix
*why kids (and everyone) need a pet

**and 500!!! new fairy tales have just been discovered in Germany.
This makes me happy :)