Friday, July 18, 2014


First, I am sorry about not posting yesterday.
Second, I am sorry for posting late today.
I have had a migraine for 5 days in a row... and a show to do tomorrow.

But I am not complaining.
I am relieved... and excited... and more than a little scared...
but I am pressing on with life... and the fact that I will now (and once again) be working from home and doing my art and jewelry business.
Yesterday was a busy day at the Artisan Center.
We had some new applications/ submissions to review... and a big open house/ meeting afterwards.
It's hard to believe we've been open 3 months already... and yet, I know we are just beginning.

Today was my first FULL day off in months... and it was the first day when I wasn't committed to doing something for someone; working somewhere, or otherwise tasked with something major... and although I got nothing productive done... it was glorious.
(although I must admit that the migraine over-came me; and I ended up napping with my Brina for most of the late afternoon/early evening).

Earlier today, I ran some errands, visited a couple of people, and went to the local Farmer's Market.
My goal has been to go to every Farm Market day that I can here (friday afternoons) and get as much fresh, local and organic that I can.
This week's haul included fresh bread, blueberries, currants, spinach, salad greens and russian cucumbers.
In week's past; I've gotten honey, jams and jellies, baked goods like scones and danish, fresh local made cheeses and yogurt, onions, potatoes and horseradish!
If you have the opportunity where you live to support something like this... by all means.. do.
It helps them, helps the local economy, and your body will definitely reward you for eating well.

--- see you all tomorrow