Wednesday, July 2, 2014


So what do you do when you feel like you are in a creative slump... or worse; like all your ideas are crap?

One of the books I am reading, talks a lot about right brain versus left brain thinking... and how that impacts coming up with new ideas or solutions to whatever creative endeavor you are working on.

How we, as artists, tend to be more right brain thinking... whereas accountants; as an example... would be more left brain thinking.
Truly though, we are a mix of the two... and what we tend to strive for (or at least some of us) ... is that balance. That fine line between anally-retentively making to do lists and the free-form nut who can't get anything done because we have too many ideas swirling in our head.

One of the suggestions to help with this; is to have some sort of activity that keeps our physical being busy... and allows our brain to work at a more free-ing pace. Example... how great ideas come to you in the shower. You are busy (doing what you do in the shower) ... which allows you to more creatively think of things. Another example is running. The act of doing that 2-5 mile work-out gives you time and frees your mind to explore options and ideas that you may not have been able to come up with before.

My solution this week?  --taking a walk in the woods.
It was super hot and humid, and the woods were slightly cooler (although I was hiking up-hill....  so I was definitely having a work-out). This actually worked for me. It allowed my physical body to be doing something... while my brain was able to relax a bit and brainstorm.